Today’s business world depends totally on marketing through websites, the most cost effective way to connect with people, through our website we provide all the design services required to create an effective and unique website for any company or organization .

The customer chooses the logo, pictures and subjects to be presented on their website, then we design the website accordingly, making sure the website reflects the company’s image and activities in the most professional way. We will also design the suitable banners to be used.


 Our website design services are based on two methods:

  • Design of standard  websites:

These typical websites consist of a homepage with other pages the company wishes to add to show the main activities they perform.

This is created through Photoshop, flash, dream waiver, a news and updates tape can also be added, normally a (contact us) section will also be available.

  • Interactive websites:

These websites are dynamic and active, which companies use to mainly attract and help customers and viewers, in general these webs are very flexible.

We are able to present our clients with dynamic websites that enable them to show their products, services, news, videos ……ect. By using the most advanced web management systems available in the market today.

We offer logo and banner design , and the possibility to publish in the Arabic websites guide.

Special services possible through an Interactive website:

  • Main pages and sections, enabling the direct administration of information as required through implementing management systems to help arrange the sorting and order of info.
  • Create a (comment) section to enable visitors to interact with the company.
  • Create a contact system, by inserting a special form for visitors to fill and send to company.
  • Creating a career or purchase order form and others, to encourage connection through webs and e-mails.
  • Create a photo library
  • Create a video library to reach customers in an easy and effective way
  • In religious websites we can create an audio library
  • To establish a free space for website members , to enable open discussions to take place
  • Establish a system to manage visual advertising
  • Possibility of adding a voting system
  • Adding news feed from other webs
  • Establish electronic shopping, to enable the company to sell on line.
  • Special software available for real estate agents
  • Special recruiting software available for recruiting companies
  • Creating a social media section to enable exchange of subjects/issues and photos
  • To create a file uploading system to enable companies to share more info with site members
  • To create a web guide, to enable the company to add the website addresses of the companies important to support their activities
  • Establish a news letter software
  • Specially designed software for websites that deal with sports professionally
  • Design a software for news
  • Establish as education program to help provide special services to web members such as exam results, enabling members to log in to their accounts. Provide online training/education.
  • Possibility of adding a chat program
  • Possibility of adding map and directions to company
  • To create an archive system, to enable visitors to go back to past dates for desired info
  • To publish the company’s website in the Arabic guide
  • To align the company’s website with all the search tools available

Other services provided on the website:

  • Technical support for 30 days free of charge, for every website we design, including minor alterations in design and guidance on professional use of the website.
  • Design of logo, banner and photos for the website
  • Supervising and managing the website with less cost on an annual/monthly/weekly payment to be agreed upon.
  • To offer technical support as long as desired, also at reasonable cost.
  • In case the company requests a new design for their website previously designed by us, they will be offered a 50% discount for the design cost only, not for the programming in general, example: the first design cost 150 $ the next time will cost 75 $. The prices also depend on the required changes, web size and other measures.
  • Possibility of including company’s websites on the best servers in the USA.
  • Our clients can reach us through phone, e-mails or on live chat

The technical programs/software used for web designs are:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS the number one design program/software in the world.
  • Adobe Flash CS, an effective software with action script technology.
  • Dreamweaver CS, very popular web design tool.
  • Flash Tools
  • PHP program
  • Html the main key tool for web design
  • CSS style system, enables designers to use colors and footage effectively